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    You can call me Djm


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    You can call me Djm Empty You can call me Djm

    Post  Djm on Wed Nov 17 2010, 07:40

    Greetings, salutations, hello and hi.

    I'm David, and I'm also known as Djm, which are my initials. I'm a lifelong Detroiterwith a 4-year stint in the Air Force to his name. I've been an otaku (and wrestling fan) for as long as I knew what those things were. Coupled with those, I'm a tech enthusiast. I've been into computers and IT probably since 2nd Grade. I was one of the kids that stayed inside playing in the computer room at recess instead of going outside in the sun and making friends. I currently work at HP (that's Hewlett-Packard. They're kinda big).

    When I have free time to do things, I'm usually listening to or producing podcasts of some kind. My podcasts of choice are anything on TWiT Network (because they talk tech, and I'm a techie), and Otaku Generation. My own podcast is called 'Super No Vacancy', and it's out there through all the various podcasting subscription outlets.

    Anime-wise, my favorites are Ghost In The Shell, Ergo Proxy, and The Gundam Franchise as a whole. But, on today's standards, I could probably be called "old school", as I remember watching anime pre-Toonami, in those dark days known as the mid 1990s.

    There's plenty more, but talking about myself is my least favorite thing to do.

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    Post  Jenny on Wed Nov 17 2010, 23:12

    Hey David (:
    I used to always see Ghost in the Shell on Adult Swim, but I never watched it.
    Now I regret it ):

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